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Acehnese women's rights NGO and journalist training

Funder: European Union
Period: 2009-2010

This project was designed to socialise women’s rights and roles post tsunami and post conflict recovery in Aceh.

Our objectives

  • To empower NGOs to speak powerfully and efficiently through the media, gaining control over the way in which they are perceived through the media; and therefore promoting women’s views and aspirations, through the media. Giving women NGOs and activists the skills to find their public voice and deliver their key messages to influencer groups and the public.
  • To strengthen journalists’ skill in identifying ways in which women particularly have been marginalised in Aceh and the important role women can play both post conflict and post tsunami. Providing reporters with skills to identify stories and court a spectrum of opinions reflecting diversity within the community – particularly women.
  • To  establish a network and synergy between NGOs and journalist in addressing women aspirations, through joint session within the workshops and the delivery of interactive phone-in programmes.
  • To educate the public about issues and problems faced by Acehnese women through the broadcasting of a radio drama series and public service announcement (PSA), as well as a quiz, a journalism competition on women's issues and a printed public awareness campaign. 

What we did

We trained 60 gender specialist NGOs and journalists in Aceh to ensure women’s issues received better coverage in the media.

A radio drama series and quiz also explored the problems faced by women, encouraging the community to recognise the contribution women made to the economy following the tsunami and their role in the peace process and elections.

 What we achieved

  • Total media coverage worth €237,400
  • 7,228 PSAs broadcast on 58 radio stations
  • The radio drama series “Mutiara Aceh” broadcast 75 times on 58 radio stations (450 episodes in total)
  • 211 hours of talk shows broadcast
  • 27 newspaper articles published
  • 26 NGO appearances in the media

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