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Derita Bisu anti-human trafficking campaign kit

Funder: ACILS and ICMC
Period: 2005-2006

OTMI - in collaboration with ACILS and ICMC - created the Derita Bisu (Silent Suffering) anti-human trafficking curriculum and training kit, which was developed to help raise awareness of trafficking in Indonesia.

The kit includes:
  • a four-part video series
  • a two-book training of trainers curriculum manual for migrant workers, law enforcers, legislators and agencies
  • the website stoptrafiking.or.id.
The curriculum re-enforces tips and warnings to ensure that participants fully understand the situation and it empowers them to take actions to protect themselves and warn others.

The project was distributed through the Scout movement, a popular activity for youth in Indonesia and chosen because its members are prime targets for labor recruiters.

The project also produced the popular website www.stoptrafiking.or.id.

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