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PNPM implementer and journalist training

Funder: World Bank
Period: January - December 2010

OTMI conducted two workshops side-by-side for PNPM Mandiri implementers and journalists. The workshops were held together to create a synergy between these two powerful groups to empower them to spread information and knowledge about the poverty alleviation programme PNPM Mandiri and the benefit it offers to their communities. Some sessions were held individually to build skills and others were held together to build relationships and understanding of each other's roles.

Our objectives
1. To involve implementers and the media in educating the public and enhancing transparency and accountability of PNPM Mandiri implementation.
2. To build relations between PNPM implementers and the media by conducting two workshops side-by-side in order for PNPM Mandiri implementers and the media to understand each other's role and enhance their capacity to inform, educate and engage the public as well as ensure transparency and accountability of PNPM Mandiri.

What we did
OTMI and the PNPM Mandiri support facility conducted a two-day implementer workshop. The workshop started one day before the journalism training to prepare the PNPM Mandiri implementers to face the journalists on the second day.

We also conducted a three-day journalism workshop, with the second day overlapping with implementer training. A MoU was signed with participating media committing them to print/broadcast the items produced.

The workshop also promoted a competition encouraging participants to publish/broadcast as many items as possible over the next four months to raise awareness of PNPM Mandiri initiatives in their own areas. This competition rewarded those who worked the hardest to provide coverage but also generated much more coverage than the workshop itself.

What we achieved
  • Synergy created between PNPM Mandiri Implementers in 21 provinces and 42 journalists that can result in long term cooperation
  • 98 news features on PNPM Mandiri broadcast on TV and radio stations across 21 provinces. 
  • 625 public service announcements/promos about PNPM Mandiri broadcast on six TV and 14 radio stations.
  • 20 hours of radio and television interactive phone-in programs on PNPM Mandiri broadcast. 
  • 80 newspaper articles printed.

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