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Unesco design and production of brochure for StResCom

The project, funded by the Japanese-Funds-in-Trust is being implemented together with Tsunami Early Warning and Information System Unit. The goal of this 3-year project is to reduce risks and increase the resilience of coastal and small island communities towards hydro-meteorological hazards and climate change impacts. The project  focuses on integrating both scientific and traditional knowledge and know-how to enable communities to better deal with hazards and climate change, and so mitigate risks and increase their resilience when disasters strike. StResCom is implemented in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Timor-Leste, which are particularly vulnerable to hydro-meteorological hazards and climate change.

One of the project activities is to develop materials promoting key messages about Strengthening Resilience of Coastal and Small Island Communities Towards Hydro-Meteorological Hazards and Climate Change Impacts (StResCom). The aims of the promotional brochure are:

1.       To introduce the StResCom project to stakeholders and the public concerned with climate change and disaster risk reduction

2.       To develop the interest of stakeholders in the implementation of the project

3.       To attract additional support and funding for the project by potential donors.