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Women NGO social media training

Funder: Internews
Period: 2011

The media is a powerful tool that can influence public opinion and engage political debate and response. New media such as You Tube, Facebook and Twitters offer extra channels to inform, educate and motivate public participation and engagement. 

This project taught twelve women’s rights NGOs how to record human rights abuses and exploit new media tools so that they are able to provide evidence of abuse and generate debate from grassroots to government about problems in society. 

What we did
OTMI trained women’s rights NGOs, based in the conservative province of Aceh, in video production and post-production techniques. 

The project empowered local activist NGOs to tell women’s stories in their own voices and highlight the issues that mean the most to them. The workshop built the capacity of these NGOs, long-term, to advocate using video by providing know-how skills. 

The participants also learnt how to upload their videos to YouTube and citizen journalism TV websites so that information and footage can be utilised by the mass media to reach a wider public.

What we achieved
By the end of the training the participants produced eleven video stories and distributed them through the internet to create instant awareness of women’s issues in Aceh, including:
Other examples can be found in a Facebook group, created so that participants can receive further mentoring from OTMI’s specialist trainer and can support each other as they continue to produce films and use social media.