Our team

Imelda Salajan Reynolds worked as a journalist for more than 20 years, mostly for the BBC. In 1996, she began training journalists in conflict and transitional countries. Imelda helped develop the BBC’s i-learn & PJTV journalism training programs as well as writing manuals and curriculum, which have been translated into numerous languages including Bahasa Indonesia.

She became project manager and media development specialist for Internews providing journalism and press relations training on projects in Bosnia, Armenia and Indonesia. Imelda wrote, produced and directed the video training initiative Derita Bisu. She has made numerous radio and television productions including working on Channel 4’s award-winning documentary series Unreported World on a documentary about human trafficking in Indonesia (2005), the UNICEF documentary Aceh’s Little Heroes, Rebuilding Communities for the Canadian Red Cross and The Mediators for the British Council/European Union in 2007.

Imelda wrote and co-produced the 13-episode soap opera Hello Mister! and helped produce a 30-episode radio drama on justice reform, a 60-minute radio drama on human trafficking for the European Union, the gender radio drama series in Aceh and the community radio bird flu radio drama package. She also designed the European Union's communication strategy for its four-year peace process initiative in Aceh.

Achmad Zihni Rifai
is one of Indonesia’s top and most respected journalists. He has worked for TEMPO news magazine, RCTI television station and helped establish the Association of Indonesian Television stations (IJTI).

He was also a major contributor to the establishment of the PJTV journalism training centre at the University of Indonesia and the production of the12-part television training video.

More recently he worked on journalism training and public awareness courses with OTMI covering bird flu, measles, child reporting and PNPM Mandiri.

Ronny Hengst
has been a journalist for more than 20 years, mostly in radio. He spent a total of six years working for the BBC World Service Indonesia section based in London, where he worked as a senior producer, journalist, presenter, news reader and trainer.

He was a news editor and reporter for SCTV in Jakarta and spent six years at KLCBS FM in Bandung as a news director, reporter and presenter. Ronny has conducted and participated in numerous training courses including being the lead trainer on the OTMI/UNICEF radio course in Aceh in August 2006.

Mira Kartawijaya
was the researcher and writer for the 25-episode anti terrorism radio drama produced in conjunction with Search For Common Ground. She was the producer of the five-part radio drama series Basmi Flu Burung sponsored by the US Embassy to raise awareness of bird flu and swine flu an assistant director for the 13-episode sinetron Hello Mister!

Previously Mira was the principle organizer of UNICEF's reporting children and bird flu journalism training projects. She also managed the USAID CBAIC Busing Bird Flu Public Awareness project that was nominated as Best Practice by CBAIC in 2007.

Mira helped design, set up and research the www.stoptrafiking.org and www.ontrackmedia.or.id websites as well as providing technical support for the office network. Mira was the editor for journalism training modules on bird flu, measles, global hand washing day and reporting the children. She graduated from Faculty of Literature at the University of Indonesia, majoring in Library and Information Science in 2002.

Welda Purba
worked as project coordinator for the series of workshops for UNICEF to train journalists to help raise awareness about bird flu, measles immunisation and washing hands With soap campaigns.

She managed and provided logistical and translation support for the media relations training for PNPM implementers from women NGOs in Aceh and moderate Muslim NGOs. 

Welda was the project coordinator for the broadcast and distribution of the radio drama series Mencari Keadilan in cooperation with Search For Common Ground. The series was broadcast on 70 community radio stations in East Java, West Java, West Nusa Tenggara, North Sumatra and DIY Yogyakarta. Prior to joining Ontrack, Welda worked as an interpreter and project assistant for GGE’s design team and construction site on the Crossroads of the World project at The Grand Indonesia.

Evelina Hotmaria Simanjuntak was the coordinator on our project to raise awareness about human trafficking. She developed and prepared the kit and was a trainer in the workshops in collaboration with the PKK and UNFPA.

Evelina worked on Hello Mister on logistics and supervision. She was also the project assistant for police media training at JCLEC, journalism training for UNICEF's Awareness Raising about Hand Washing and CBAIC's headrest campaign. She is also responsible for maintaining our alumni website.

Evelina was administration assistant at the Church World Service's Rehabilitation to Recovery Program following the tsunami and earthquake and was branch manager for Lembaga Pendidikan Indonesia Amerika. She studies Communications at the Institute of Social and Political Science (IISIP).

Imelda Theresia has extensive experience in project coordination and implementation. For the past eight years, Theresia has been organising our projects including training courses for Indonesian journalists, activists and international organisations such as the CBAIC/USAID, British Embassy, British Council, European Union, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank, ACILS/ICMC.

Theresia graduated from the University of Indonesia, Majoring in Taxation. She assisted in establishing OTMI and was the financial officer for two years.

As our office manager Theresia has arranged projects including training and production schedules on projects such as Reporting Children, bird flu, measles, Aceh’s Little Heroes and The Mediator, as well as numerous others.

She managed the World Bank Project Journalism Training for Local Journalists on PNPM Mandiri.

Ida Sihombing manages all payments and financial reports for funders, international donors and agencies including the US embassy, World Bank, the European Union, UNFPA and JCLEC. She has extensive experience in accounting, having worked for numerous international NGOs.

She worked as an accountant for USAID in Jakarta on the Health Services Project and also worked as finance officer in Meulaboh for the Catholic Relief Services recovery and rehabilitation project following the tsunami and earthquake in Aceh.

Before working in development, Ida worked for various multinational companies including Baker Hughes Inteq, PT. Knorr Indonesia and PT. Gajah Tunggal National Electronic.

Ida received the Certificate Register Accountant from the Ministry of Finance, after gaining a bachelor degree in accounting at the University of Indonesia. In 2002, she was a candidate for the Uniform CPA Examination, set up by the Colorado State Board of Accountancy (USA).